Friday, September 12, 2008

P. K. Balakrishnan

P. K. Balakrishnan (1926-1991) Malayalam novelist critic historian.

P K Balakrishnan is one of the greatest intellectuals 20th century Kerala has produced. His multifaceted interests took him through politics, journalism, public speaking and creative writing. He was a great patriot who gave up his studies for the freedom of the country. His uncompromising integrity showed that he was unfit for politics, created a turbulent journalistic career, made him a fiery public speaker and resulted in literary creations that were masterpieces in their respective field.

Balakrishnan was an intense personality. He was truthful to himself. Standing by what he thought was right brought him into confrontation with people and the establishment. While his uncompromising convictions earned him very few friends in the real sense, he was understood and appreciated by a close circle of people whom he valued. Though the man has passed on to the realms of history, his books stand testimony to the great intellectual that he was and the power of his writings.

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