Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thirunalloor Karunakaran

Thirunalloor Karunakaran (October 8, 1924 – July 5, 2006) was a renowned poet, scholar, teacher and leftist intellectual of Kerala, India.

Thirunalloor (variously spelt in English as Thirunelloor, Thirunellur and Thirunallur) Karunakaran - 'Thirunalloor',his family name and 'Karunakaran',first name - was born in the village of Perinad in Kollam (Quilon) district in Kerala to P.K.Padmanabhan and N.Lakshmy. He started learning Sanskrit in the traditional way before joining primary school and was associated with the working class political movement early in his life.He published his first book-the Malayalam translation of a poem by Oliver Goldsmith- while in school. During student days he wrote several poems, lyrics and articles in periodicals and made his mark during the Pink Decade in Malayalam poetry.By the time of his joining college his close contacts with Communist leaders like R.Sugathan and M. N. Govindan Nair had made him a staunch sympathiser of the Communist party.


Samagamam (Long poem)
Manjuthullikal (Collection of poems)
Premam Madhuramanu Dheeravumanu (Long narrative poem)
Soundaryathinte padayalkal (Collection of poems)
Rani (Long narrative poem)
Rathri (Long narrative poem)
Anthi Mayangumbol (Collection of lyrics)
Tashkent (Long narrative poem)
Thirunalloor Karunakarante Kavithakal (Collection of poems)
Vayalar (Long narrative poem)
Greeshma sandhyakal (Collection of poems)
Puthumazha (Collection of poems for children)
Meghasandesam (Translation of Meghaduta by Kalidasa )
Omarghayyaminte Gadhakal (Translation of Rubaiyat by Omar Khayyam )
Gypsikal (Translation of Gypsiesby Alexander Pushkin)
AbhijnanaShakunthalam(Translation of Abhijnanasakuntalam by Kalidasa )
Malayalabhashaparinamam Sidhanthangalum Vasthuthakalum (A study on the origin and evolution of Malayalam language )
Oru Mahayudhathinte Paryavasanam ( The Mahabharata retold through an independent angle)
Praacheena Bharathathile Bhouthikavaadam (Translation of In Defence of Materialism in Ancient India by Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya)
Anusmaranangal (Collection of articles)

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